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Passes for the socials are usually available at the door. Have a look at the schedule & map .. come dancing and enjoy Balboa Dayz with us シ
2020/01/31 20:15:00

BΛLBӨΛ DΛYZ 2020 edition ✿ social dances registration

We have good space for dancers. You can secure your spot with a quick registration here.

25 EUR
30 EUR
free - no addmission charge
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Partner One
Partner One
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Each participant will be placed in our registration list. Your admission fee needs to be paid at the check-in.
We will also send you a final message quite before the workshop. If you have questions please contact us.
Will be sent annually, only once / year.
As participant in our socials, you are most likely the first we would inform about replacements or the need for extra dancers. Let us know if you would be interested for that.
please be kind and offer hosting for our guests - you can as well post your hosting request ☛ in social groups right here or in our Balboa Facebook Group.