Welcome to Balboa Dayz

5++ hours of balboa classes • 2x taster lesson • 3 nights of dancing

June 21-23 2024 • • 5h balboa • 4h shag •  2.5h blues •  5h lindyhop

2024/06/21 18:00:00

registration will open end of February

Dear friends of Balboa Dancing.

we are happy to announce our 2024 JAM edition with our amazing Jam Circle instructors teaching the Balboa Dayz.

Balboa Dayz will not only feature the pure music and style of BALBOA, but also have SHAG for our growing community of fast dancers .. lets rock and roll the wooden floor in our new location: The new Balboa Dayz Ballroom is opposite side of the backyard of Savoy, in Dresden. Polish, refresh & jam with all your repertoire, meet other great dancers, and enjoy Balboa & swing dancing.

We are excited for the weekend to come 🙂

Hosting request + offers can posted in our local signal & telegram groups.
Groups of 10x (5x Lead / 5x Follow) can form a group, register for group discount via mail.

join for social at the door!

BΛLBOΛ DΛYZ are located at our Savoy Club dancing studio location. In 2024 we will again go for the summer period and do our very best for Balboa Dayz giving you unforgettable memories. Stay tuned for an very exiting 2024 JAM edition.